Submissions Open Tomorrow for the Final WPL Poetry Collection



Stephen Hawking collection

It seems apt on the day Google celebrates the 241st birthday of Johann Carl Friedrich Gauß (or Gauss), a German mathematician and physicist who used maths to rediscover the lost Dwarf Planet Ceres, that I should post Open Submissions for the final WPL Poetry Collection which asks for your Science/Maths based poetry. 


© 2018 Google Doogle

Every Laureate finds that something with universal impact happens during their tenure. For many of us the year is filled with such news stories. I felt this collection was a chance for poets to share work that isn’t always at the forefront of poetry and to mark the passing of a genius, who has been around (for many of us) the whole of our lifetimes.  

I posted the full submission guidelines 3 weeks ago here where you can also find articles and starting points if you do not have any Science/Maths based poetry already waiting for a perfect home. 

Submission Guidelines:

Failing to follow submission guidelines guarantees work will not be accepted so please read them carefully. 

Your poems should be based on Science/ Maths/ Stephen Hawking.

Previously unpublished.

We do not consider simultaneous submissions, i.e. work that is being considered elsewhere.

Work should be 40 lines max.

You may send up to 3 poems.

All poems need a title.

We cannot accept expletive language/content.

Due to copyright issues we cannot accept work with quotations or any copyrighted material.

Please send poems in the body of an email, single spaced.

Experimental poetry will be considered, however WordPress does not format white space, you may be required to resend as a PDF file or convert to Jpeg.

Include a 50 word bio in the body of the email, written in 3rd person.

Subject line of email: SCIENCE

Email to: worcspl[at]


Submission window opens 1st May 

DEADLINE 30th May 6PM (GMT) 


Be brave, let your poetry fly!



Simply because there is not enough time…

I do not send acknowledgements for the receipt of your submission.

Nor do I send individual acceptance emails. 

I will send a link to the collection to the successful poets once the anthology is completed. 


My role is to promote poetry so…

I do not send rejection emails. If you have not heard by the 25th June your poetry has not been successful this time. Your poetry – not YOU – rejection is not personal, despite it feeling this way.

No correspondence will be entered into regarding the decisions and publication. 


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