The Royal Wedding

Harry meghan

It is not every Laureate who gets a Royal Wedding during their tenure. As this website has a huge International reach and this is a momentous occasion, I decided it was only fitting to gift a poem. 

The Tone is Set

In one smile
she shows the world
her dreams have come true.

Gentle songs meander
towards strong speeches –
Fire and Love.

The Prince and nearly Princess
absorb their connection,
fingers entwined.

A mother sits alone,
closes her eyes in prayer
as the choir trills the space.

Words invite
the congregation to think
of the shape of love.

‘Think about the time
you first fell in love
in any form.’

The smile widens
as tears are wiped from cheeks,
hats bowed in thought.

‘We were made
by the power of love.’

A moment of almost silent
sign language is shared,
as lovers do. Before ‘I do.’


A_101640493_d25a7344-d7af-4bba-9863-46659f9264bf bbc  © BBC


With words from the Bishop’s Address Bishop Curry 

bbc curry© BBC

© Nina Lewis Worcestershire Poet Laureate 2017 – 2018






Photographs © BBC 












BBC both


BBC harry

bbc meghan

BBC church


BBC kiss

BBC carriage

Photographs © Independent

a5f65b1d-0676-4216-9260-20103fa52c8c independent

8addf084-7821-42d2-8d8a-d944e2fc42f8 independent

109b9c9e-abe1-42e7-b570-d95307967f1d independent

404d9ca3-cd1a-4535-a002-1e81fc20b26a independent

c912e367-ba2f-4ae4-a232-937aa85836dd independent

0aca9a49-1c67-4536-98b3-09b26b600d96 independent


And from our Nation’s Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy.

Long Walk

It should be private, the long walk
on bereavement’s hard stones;
and when people wave, their hands
should not be mobile phones,
nor their faces lenses;
so your heart dressed in its uniform.


On. Then one blessed step
and the long walk ended
where love had always been aimed,
her arrows of sweet flowers gifting
the air among bells- yes, they all looked-
and saying your name.

18 May 2018 21:00 BST

© The Guardian


Meghan’s veil had all the flowers of the Commonwealth embroidered onto it.



Royal Wedding


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