The Final Countdown!



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As with all Poet Laureates (I imagine), the next few weeks carry the unsettling feeling of handing back a crown… the next Poet Laureate will be crowned on the 10th June at the Launch of Worcestershire LitFest & Fringe Festival. 

I am excited to discover who the finalists are, as part of my official remit I am on the judging panel. I get to perform the two poems – Lit Up & Tasseomancy which secured me this position a year ago. I am looking forward to the launch of the festival and my involvement in some of the events.

I am also preparing to not be the Laureate anymore. Preparing by being neck deep in final projects! 

I have written copy for the festival programme, (taking a full page rather than the traditional half a page), it has been an exceptionally busy year. I am putting the final touches together for my Legacy Project – A Tale of Two Cities, which will be a special edition Contour magazine, as well as reading submissions for both the final anthology collection and the final WPL Magazine (Issue 4) and of course WPL entries!

I will be writing my final WPL for the WLF website and have some archived posts scheduled for this website to appear over the summer. There are several projects which I will continue to develop and I have poetry plans (as always). 

Those of you wanting more can visit/add yourselves to my main blog here.

It has been a blast!


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