Twin Town

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After a busy month I have finally managed to a pair up our poets in UK & France for the final International project of my Laureateship, this time a European one between the Twinned Towns of Droitwich Spa and Voiron. 

The European projects were started at the beginning of my Laureateship and have taken lots of organisation at committee level to find the ambassadors for the poets involved. 

voiron-13542-12_w600© Ardito

The Twin Town project is a much smaller scale than my main project (A Tale of Two Cities) and will focus on the towns themselves for inspiration. Although the poets involved do not need to able to speak French, my communication with the poets in Voiron over the past few months (since February) has been in French. 


I like the idea of using translated poetry and also mother tongue in the final collection, which will be produced on this website in June. 

The confirmed poets taking part are: 

Suz Winspear

Claire Walker

Maggie Doyle 

Miguel Lourenco

Io Osborn


And from Voiron:

Alain Graiz

Pascale Giraud

Richard Velasquez

Rosemary Chazay


With special thanks to Mike Nott, who was the chair of the Twinning Association when I began & Madeleine Silvestri who put me in touch with Alain Graiz and lastly Alain – who rallied the poets of Voiron. 



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