Poetry Exhibition at the Jinney Ring

header© 2018 Jinney Ring Craft Centre

Just like the A-Team, I love it when a plan comes together… and as Worcestershire Poet Laureate I am learning just how long the planning stage can take. 

Back in September I ran a poetry workshop at the Jinney Ring based on the fabulous, annual Sculpture Trail which they have had for over a decade. It was a great morning and thoroughly enjoyed by all participants. I worked through a series of activities which involved the sculpture and offered a chance to have the resulting poems exhibited and read. 

final design











Fast forward a season or two and I am delivering the promises. 

Our poetry is Exhibited at The Jinney Ring Craft Centre for the next few months in the Restaurant, so do go and treat yourselves and have a read of the walls whilst you are there. 

Hanbury Churchorg  © 2018 Hanburychurch.org

Hanbury Church Reading

Next month – May 7th we have a reading at Hanbury Church, the poems will still be on display so you can go and read them afterwards. 

Huge gratitude to Carolyn Baldwin for this opportunity and to the poets. The poetry is amazing!

Originally we hoped for an exhibition in Winter 2017, unfortunately with schedules and booked events this was not to be. 

Carolyn is as keen as I am to exhibit the Sculpture trail poetry, meetings were arranged for Spring – we arranged an exhibition for April. 


My hat goes off to people who do these types of projects. The printing took an age, I lost several pieces of card to the mangled printer and then got a piece stuck, that was fun. I had to change the card I was using and experiment a bit, hoping my printer (which is new and well behaved usually), was no longer feeling hungry!


The framing took an age. I had ordered clip frames which were all individually boxed with an additional 2 sheets of protection foil that had to come off (you know what losing the end of a sellotape roll is like)! 

I was delighted to discover the clips are not as aggressive as they were back in the 90s (the last time I used a one).


Several hours later the exhibits were boxed and ready for delivery. 



Carolyn is a star and has put the exhibition up today and as with all things Jinney Ring and Laureate, there was cake! 


Oh, and an flyer for Bohemian Voices on the 27th! Lots going on at The Jinney Ring, take a look. http://www.jinneyring.co.uk/






  1. Reblogged this on awritersfountain and commented:

    Yesterday I spent the day finalising work for a Poetry Exhibition at the Jinney Ring Craft Centre in Hanbury, where (back in September) I ran a poetry workshop based on the Sculpture Trail.

    It is wonderful to finally manage the 2nd part of this WPL project and the 3rd part – a Public Reading, will happen on Bank Holiday Monday (7th May) at the Church in Hanbury.


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