WPD From the Mouths of Others


From Audience: 

A smashing event to celebrate World Poetry Day. A lovely atmosphere as ever at Café Bliss – good to see Charley Barnes in between tutorials – the raffle was special with individually wrapped prizes and a poem on every ticket, I loved the group poem, a Haikai, and the poetry gift bag with poems to take home – innovative ideas with benefits for everyone, from a special WPL Nina Lewis  

Fab evening – conversation and overheard comments on the way out ‘great evening’, ‘unusual raffle’, ‘got gifts’, ‘smashing time’, ‘I enjoyed that’ – doesn’t get much better Nina Lewis! ~ Polly Stretton

Dynamic, fun filled and inspiring! Well done Nina for massive entertainment!  ~ Io Osborn

Many thanks to Nina Lewis for organising another wonderful evening of poetry and fun. ~ Claire Cariad Morgana


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From Performers:

Thank you all for a great evening. ~ Samatee

Great night at Café Bliss for World Poetry Day. Well done Nina for organizing the event and well done all who performed. Brilliant night and I look forward to another if you do one. ~ Tim Stavert

Fabulous night of poets and poems Nina, thanks lots…and double raffle winner! – Matt Black

Just back from a fabulous evening celebrating World Poetry Day at Cafe Bliss organised by Nina Lewis. Good to see Polly Stretton – and good to hear readings by Michael W Thomas, Suz Winspear, Maggie Doyle, Fergus McGonigal and others. 

I love the poem I took home! I also won a book in the raffle which was an added bonus. The Haikai was great fun. We should do that more often! 

The evening was magical from beginning to end – from the stars surrounding the intriguingly wrapped raffle prizes, the readings and the Haikai we all helped to write in the interval. ~ Sue Johnson

Congratulations to Nina Lewis for organising tonight’s World Poetry Day event! It was a total joy! A storming headline set from Fergus McGonigal, some joyful work by Maggie Doyle (both former Worcestershire Poets Laureate) and an amazing set by Rachel, our current Young Poet Laureate – she’s still only 14, and I’m in awe of such talent!

The open mic performers were amazing – and it was great to hear poetry from writers I’ve never heard before! . . . . I was rattling the bucket for the haiku raffle, selling every single ticket (hope the winners liked their books, and even those who didn’t win got a poem to take home) and I performed some of my new poems based on the Japanese photographs and woodcuts from the Porcelain Museum, which went down well. 

An enchanting celebration of World Poetry Day, showcasing a diversity of voices, including former Worcestershire Poets Laureate, our amazing new Young Worcestershire Poet Laureate, and open mic performers, many of whom haven’t been heard in Worcester before. Even the raffle tickets (for poetry books) all came with a haiku, and there were takeaway poems at the end . . . A complete celebration of poetry! ~ Suz Winspear 

A most enjoyable evening in a warm, convivial atmosphere, enlivened by a real variety of poetry. ~ Michael W. Thomas

Congratulations on a really great night of poetry. You managed to attract a very appreciative audience. Spot on. Trebles all round. I had a blast! ~ Fergus McGonigal



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