Nature and Inter-School Workshops

bgrove sch poetry

Back in November, the opportunity arose to provide a Poetry Workshop for Bromsgrove School. It was booked for March as a workshop for Gifted & Talented pupils from a range of local schools. 

Last week four schools joined together in the Cobham Theatre for an afternoon of Poetry. The three visiting schools were Woodfield Academy, Aston Fields Middle School, Catshill Middle School.

Huge gratitude to Caroline Leather for her organisation of this Inter-School workshop and for creating inspiring Poetry Notebooks for the 18 pupils taking part.




The theme was ‘Nature’, we began with looking at Erasure Poetry. This form is sometimes called Blackout Poetry. We watched a very short film I created on the technique with some examples before the pupils set themselves free about the auditorium to create their own using Science based Nature texts as a starting point.

There were Sharpies, Markers, pupils is dark corners. They found their stride and produced amazing poems for the front page of their notebooks. 




We worked in small groups sharing ideas about Nature before looking at some important and controversial words. The groups created poetic lines which formed a group poem. Despite the bitter wind we headed outside into Nature itself to write on paper leaves. 

The pupils & teachers were treated to afternoon tea, so many cakes and biscuits and a wonderful bowl of fruit too. This was a chance for the pupils from different schools to integrate and some of the conversations were wonderful. It was a real shame to make them stop and write more poetry, but what is a Laureate to do?


Back in the theatre space, (fuelled by our treats) we looked at form. The pupils used the sensory leaf walk ideas as stimuli for our final writing. They all worked really hard writing under the pressure of little time. Some were even brave enough to share their Fibonacci poems.


A delightful and informative afternoon, enjoyed by Year 7 & 8 pupils and staff. 

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