HUGE Thanks for Little Poems


We had a fabulous night last night celebrating all things Poetry at Cafe Bliss. I will be posting more thanks and reviews, for now a BIG shout out to all the little poems you shared.


We had a Poetry Take Away at the World Poetry Day Event last night in Worcester, the feast of words were provided by Local, National and International writers who submitted 10 line poems from a call out in February. 

prep We had over 71 Little Poems finding there way to us, I was not able to include every poet, over 46 poets submitted work. For the event itself the audience’s appetite was the only limit and I am sure there were plenty of people waking up this morning and reading your words again for Breakfast!

Thank you, your generosity is appreciated and your poems have found new homes, perhaps to become cherished treasure or to rest in a pocket on a bed of receipts, we can only imagine. I have had some lovely feedback from people appreciating your words. The POWER of poetry very much alive!

Gratitude to all poets who took part, I hope to send emails, there may not be time for personal notes – it may just be a link to this post – so

THANK YOU (yes! I am shouting, joyfully), for giving us your time and words. 

poetry take away2

Below is a list of poets and poems used in the Poetry Take Away. Any poems previously published were acknowledged on the Take Away.

Richard Archer – Advice & Found

Jean Atkin – Dimpsy & Heart of Wales Line

Rachael Clyne – Left Field/ Dreaming/Mrs Williams Leaves a Note & How Many Lightbulbs does it take to change a Princess?

Oriada Dajko – Matryoshka

Tom Edwards – Till Comes the Breaking Dawn

Jinny Fisher – Three Apple Poems & Mother

Tee Francis – Nan

Myfanwy Fox – Solstice

Kathy Gee – Migraine in Sp Lit & Erouff

Raine Geoghegan – Masks

Steve Harrison – The Hare/ Like a Poem on a Mobius Strip & Ten Lines of Tea

Sue Johnson – Chasing Shadows

Rachel Melia – Untitled

Nina Lewis – A Day at the Seaside

Caleb Parkin – Rosetta Hears the Comet Sing & The Chime Hours

Anne Price – Little Things

Kevin Reid – Dear Future & Oneless

Marg Roberts – Peppercorns

Finola Scott – Alarm & Newborn

Susan Castillo Street – Benediction & Churchgoer

Polly Stretton – Dream On/ Bedwarmer & Yellow Dusters

Cathy Whittaker – Falling in Love Can Cause Serious Damage to Your Hearts

Bob Woodroofe – Besom








    1. Thanks Richard, I was delighted at the number of poems we received.
      The Poetry Take Away was received well, lots of people commenting on free poetry and originality – although I have to say that I think the idea was inspired by Jinny Fisher who brought a Poetry Pram to Swindon Poetry Festival with A4 scrolled poetry for people to take for free.
      Was lovely to include you so thanks for sending some of your Little Poems this way!


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