ATOTC Update


city-2928668_1920Since the end of January there has been no news on the ATOTC (A Tale of Two Cities) project, I realise that unless you are part of the 47 crew you will not know the work going on behind the scenes. 

In case you missed it, you can find the list of participating UK/USA poets here.

The poets all shared their Call poems and wrote Response poems. A month ago I started to collate the collection and have spent the past 4 weeks sending out proof copies. All poets have now received the final proof copy. 

I hope to spend some time over Easter framing the magazine, this Special Issue is certainly a BUMPER issue, currently running at over 150 pages of poetry!

There are plans for more on ATOTC after the magazine, after the Laureateship, plans that make take a while. But believe me when I say the magazine is the 1st step of many great steps to come!

It has been a massive undertaking and a great pleasure to work with such a large group of poets and I have been rather envious of watching relationships develop as I have been stuck inside my admin head. This project has gifted those involved with more than poetry. 


More on the Special Edition in April. 

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