Women – I Need You!


Right lovely people… I need your help. I want to do something to mark International Women’s Day (8th March) on the blog, as I am already working on a Special Edition Contour magazine for ATOTC, a poetry anthology to mark the Suffragettes, an exhibition, World Poetry Day and prep for several workshops (oh, and working FT to pay for a new boiler)… I know I do not have time for a submission call out.


So what I would like to do instead is Showcase wonderful women & female poets – so please could you send responses to any or all of the themes below.

Email me at worcspl[at]gmail[dot]comwith IWD in the title.pexels-photo-627533.jpeg

  • Recommend a poem/poet to read.
  • Tell me who is an inspiration and why. 
  • Influential women who got you into writing or supported this path for you. (Personal rather than famous.)
  • Something you have grown wise to in womanhood (that you may have wished you’d known sooner).

– Let me know if you are happy to have a name by the comment – it will be public, I am happy to go with ANON.

Please email me by midnight on 6th March.


Let’s celebrate women!

Many thanks in advance. X



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