Art & Words Community Workshop



Today sees my long awaited community workshop at The Basement Project, Bromsgrove. 

Back in November I met with the team at The Basement and set up workshops for March/April. This is a series of 3 workshops I will run at the centre. 

Today it is adults who are having all the fun as we mix Art and Words together. We will be producing motivating or calming canvases that they get to keep and admire. 

We will look at some ideas for creating our painting on canvas, go abstract or detailed. Then because I need words in my life, we will use a bundle of magazines to rip, tear and cut parts of your collage pile.

Choose something motivational that you can look at everyday.

Or something calming, combine them to create an attractive collage that will help you relax.

Most of all just come and have some fun!


Nina Lewis

Worcestershire Poet Laureate

Bromsgrove Basement Project

‘We provide a Drop In Centre and Floating Support for young people in and around North Worcestershire who are homeless or facing homelessness.’



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