Green Light on European Twin Town Project

voiron-13542-12_w600© Ardito

© Ardito

I am delighted to announce we have the go ahead on our much awaited Twin Town Project between Droitwich Spa and Voiron, France.

This project start back in July when I spent a month contacting various people to no avail. Then I contacted Mike Nott, the then Chair of Droitwich Spa Twinning Association. I have actually known Mike most of my life, his family are good friends of my Gran, so this helps when trying to organise something which seems impossible. He has since stepped down from his position with the Twinning Association but is still very involved in Voiron and has spent months in conversation trying to find us a French contact. 

visitdroitwichcom ©

Fast forward 7 months (oh, I like that*) and we have Alain Graz on the case. There were 7 Worcestershire poets taking part in the Twin Town exchange, but like many projects this has grown.

* I am the 7th Poet Laureate and 7 is my lucky number, the first house I lived in and I will never tire of making a 7 connection with WPL work, sometimes it even happens spontaneously!

Alain is currently searching for the Voiron cohort. It may take a while yet but we have reached another step forward which excites me.

It may be that the Worcestershire team is divided into call and response poets if we have fewer French poets taking part.

voiron map

The Twin Town Poetry Exchange will be place specific. Poets will write about the town, or a specific place, person, historical element and then exchange poems to see if they can write a matching/linking poem.

The resulting poetry will be published, some possibly in translation. I like the idea of mother tongue and a bi-lingual collection.





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