OPEN SUBMISSION: Suffragette Poetry (Exhibition & Workshop The Hive)

chalking pavement.JPGTo mark the 100th Anniversary since women first won the right to vote in the UK The Hive (Worcester Library) produced an exhibition.

Suffragettes, Voters and Worcester Woman 

An exhibition to mark the centenary of some women’s enfranchisement in Britain on 6 February 1918. It will introduce you to Worcestershire women who campaigned for the vote like Clarence Houseman, Elsie Howie, Isabel Margesson and Florence Peek and begin to explore how women have used their vote in the years that followed.

Monday 5 February to 23 February

The Hive Events © 2018


This was a great opportunity to organise an informal writing session, so I arranged a workshop for the 10th February

12 writers met to explore the exhibition and take part in the workshop. It was lovely to see familiar faces, some new faces and poets who have been following my Poet Laureate Projects this year. I was delighted by the turn out and know of several other people who are interested in taking part.


The Hive © 2018

As this was a FREE event, anyone who was unable to come to the workshop can still participate. All you need to do is contact me worcspl[at]gmail[dot]com and I will send you details of the activities to try in your own time. 

They will work best if you have visited the exhibition at The Hive, although I can share some of the images after the exhibition closes on the 23rd February or you can scour social media. 



The next stage of the plan to mark this historical anniversary is a Poetry Anthology. The collection will appear on this website.



Failing to follow submission guidelines guarantees work will not be accepted so please read them carefully. 

Your poems should be based on the exhibition. 

You may follow any of the workshop activities (not compulsory). 

Previously unpublished.

We do not consider simultaneous submissions, i.e. work that is being considered elsewhere.

Work should be 40 lines max.

You may send up to 5 poems.

We cannot accept expletive language/content.

Please send in the body of an email, single spaced.

Include 50 word bio in the body of the email.


Email to: worcspl[at]


DEADLINE 20th March 6PM (GMT) 


Selected poems will appear in a collection on the website in April.

Poets retain copyright.

Should your work be published elsewhere please cite WPL Suffragette Poetry Anthology as first published.

Any queries can be sent to worcspl[at]gmail[dot]com

In April I will notify all successful poets with a link to the collection.


Simply because there is not enough time…

I do not send acknowledgements for the receipt of your submission.

My role is to promote poetry so…

I do not send rejection emails. If you have not heard by the April your poetry has not been successful this time. Your poetry – not YOU – rejection is not personal, despite it feeling this way.

No correspondence will be entered into regarding the decisions and publication. 

There is always hope…

You will have every chance of publication in future WPL projects so I hope you will consider submitting in the future.


I look forward to your poems.

DAN Rhys



The Worcester Suffragettes 2016

Florence Feek

Florence Feek in village magazine

Elise Howey Wikipedia

Spartacus Elsie Howey


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