Poetry Anthology: Mental Health Awareness

pexels-photo-48566.jpegOn October 10th 2017 in support of World Mental Health Day I produced the Mental Health Poetry Anthology.


There were many submissions and this subject is important to me. I was diagnosed with clinical depression in 2012. For the second time in my life I was prescribed Anti-depressants and in truth I had been suffering since about 2009.

My experience changed my entire life in two major ways: I was forced to give up a full time teaching career and face the barrage of misunderstanding and prejudice of others.

I starting writing as therapy with my counsellor. This ‘depression diary’ triggered something I couldn’t believe I had lost, I am a poet. I had not written a poem for over a decade but by 2013 I had penned quite a few and by late Autumn was ready to share them with the world.


Through my own mental health issues I rediscovered poetry and now it is very much my life. 


I decided that Mental Health is a conversation we need to be having all year round. This is my reason for posting. The collection has been updated with a new poem Awareness by Polly Stretton.



The collection remains open to submissions until the end of my Laureateship (10th June 2018). Please read the guidelines carefully here and send your work in the body of an email to worcspl[@]gmail[dot]com


I look forward to your words.






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  1. Hi there, so sorry to hear about your experiences with depression. Thank you for the links. There is some really amazing work throughout!


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