NEWS: Remembrance Anthology


Thank you to everyone for submitting poems to the Remembrance Anthology, I received a record number of entries, in triple figures. Poetry from all around the world, from former soldiers, sons and daughters of the fallen, family tributes and all of it held power, some of it took my breath away. 

Part of me feels I should publish all submissions, it seems unfair to be a judge over the subject matter, however, I hope you will agree that a shorter final version was necessary. 

I dislike immensely sending rejection emails and so have made the executive decision not to. As Worcestershire Poet Laureate I see promotion of poetry as my central role. I would not want my emails to discourage any poet. I appreciate many submissions have come from novice poets and one or two from people who have never submitted their work and this is fantastic, whether the poems appear on Sunday or not. 


Due to the time commitment involved in editing a collection, I can only acknowledge successful poets via email on Sunday 12th. You will be sent a link to the anthology.

I am unable to respond to individual submissions via email. Please do check back on Sunday, have a read and share your words. 


In gratitude, 





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