Hanbury Hall Poetry at Parks Cafe

Parks Cafe Hanbury Poems

Next week you are all invited to a special event at Parks Cafe, Droitwich. As those of you following the blog will know, in October I invited poets to take part in the Hanbury Hall Project.

Droitwich Arts Network (DAN) annually exhibit in the Long Gallery and poets were invited to visit over the three weeks and write some ekphrastic poetry. 

Up to 15 poets took part from a long list of interested poets. We are fortunate to have 9 of them performing at this event next week. 

Readers: Nina Lewis, Kathryn Alderman, Leena Batchelor, Maggie Doyle, Kathy Gee, Gill Garrett, Nigel Hutchinson, Polly Stretton, Serena Trowbridge. 


Rosie Philpott (a talented local artist and secretary of DAN) has contacted the artists on our behalf, some of them are able to attend the event and others have managed to send images of their artwork. So on the night you will have a visual reference as well as the stories we tell. 

Rosie_Philpott_Parks_Cafe-322x434 Droitwich Standard Rosie in Parks Cafe ©Droitwich Standard 

RPhilpott_Wonky-Droitwich-609x434Droitwich Standard

©Droitwich Standard 

Rosie is famous for her wonky images of Droitwich and created the images used on the Droitwich Arts Network website. 


This event has been organised in conjunction with the DAN Committee Meeting. 

7:15 PM Time to network

7:35 PM Some brief committee news 

7:40 PM Poetry Readings 

We aim to finish just before 8:30 PM – so it won’t be a late night and it is FREE!


© Tamara Jelaca



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