Art Down, Words Up


On Monday 30th October Polly Stretton and I read our Hanbury Hall DAN poems at the end celebration of the exhibition. 

The Droitwich Arts Network produce an annual exhibition in the Long Gallery at Hanbury Hall. Previous years have seen involvement from the poetry community. Fragile Houses features two poems I wrote from this project back in 2014.

Peter Hawkins (Vice Chair) added an extra element this year. A competition to find a winning poem, the prize – a reading at the closing celebration. Polly Stretton won with her poem ‘Curves’, I tagged along to support Polly, celebrate success with the artists and to sneak one of my poems in too. 

We had an enjoyable lunch time with lots of mingling. I met the NT organisers I had emailed about the possibility of our poems. They confirmed an exhibition in 2018.

As if all this wasn’t enough… I discovered a secret poet in the room. In the WPL Finals we had to reveal our plans/manifesto and part of mine was the ‘secret poets’.

polly andy jenkins

The artwork Polly wrote her prize winning poem about was there and shown as she read her poem. Check out Polly’s poem in Tamara’s article below.

To read in front of my artist, Stephen Evans, was a true pleasure. It was also a joy to see this face

AJ Stephen when he discovered my poem was inspired by his Dragon Series piece. I had a great chat with Stephen afterwards about his art and my poems.


Tamara Jelaca wrote this article about the end celebration for the DAN Exhibition at Hanbury Hall. Droitwich Arts Network

It includes Polly Stretton’s Competition Poem ‘Curves’, a poem inspired by Chris Walker’s ‘Squirrel’ and my poem ‘Cyclonic’ inspired by  Stephen Evans’s ‘Dragon Series At full speed on the Solent’. It was a wonderful opportunity to read with the Artists present.

33 artists took part in the Annual Exhibition and poets had over 100 artworks to choose from. The exhibition had over 3300 visitors.

AJ meOur part in the project is far from over. I want to take things a step further. I want the artists to know the poems exist. I am currently working with Rosie Philpott and Peter Hawkins to ensure this happens. 

All photos ©Andrew Jenkins and ©Tamara Jelaca

Many of the poets who took part in this opportunity to write ekphrastic poetry will be reading at an event at Parks Cafe, Droitwich on the 14th November starting at 7 PM.

The event is FREE and open to the public. It will also be a chance to see the art that created our words.

Hanbury Hall Poets



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