National Poetry Day – The Lowdown


In the excitement leading up to this year’s National Poetry Day I thought I would gather the news and summarise it for you. 

To celebrate locally we encourage you all to buy tickets for Voices of 1919 at Elmslie House, Malvern as part of the Autumn in Malvern Festival. Click the link to find out more.

National Poetry Day in Worcestershire Voices of 1919  mike alma voices


This year’s theme is FREEDOM, the main site has a whole day’s worth of links to visit. Start now!

You can get involved on Social Media.

Follow on social media using #NationalPoetryDay

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Find out all about NPD here

Take a look at recommended books.

Enjoy reading some Freedom poems.

Feast your eyes, watch some Freedom Films.

Read this and warm your poet heart.


Poetry is booming! Last year marked the best sales on record for poetry books in both volume and value, and demand continues to grow. Poetry is now challenging prose on the bestseller lists, boosted by the popularity of both live and recorded performances and strong followings on Instagram and Twitter. In May, Manchester’s resilience under attack found voice in a much-shared spoken-word poem, in June, thousands cheered Kate Tempest at Glastonbury, while US poet’s Claudia Rankine’s upcoming appearance at Tate Modern in October sold out weeks ago: poetry, whether provocation or consolation, has never felt so present.

Susannah Herbert, Executive Director of National Poetry Day says: “There are tens of
thousands ways into poetry – all different – and in recommending 40 contrasting books to
bookshops and libraries we offer a wide range of starting points. Poetry can take the form of a self-help book, a young-adult novel, a chant, a play, a joke, a call to arms, high
literature or just beguiling nonsense: it’s the chameleon of artforms. People who still
think poetry is off-putting just haven’t met the right poem yet.”

Meryl Halls of the Booksellers Association says: “We know how important poetry is to
bookshops across the country. National Poetry Day is a fantastic way to start the
conversation about poetry in our everyday lives, and we want to make sure poetry lovers know that the best place to find old favourites and new inspiration is in their local
bookshop. We are so pleased that NPD has created some wonderful point of sale materials to bring more readers to the wonders of the genre.”
Suzanne Baboneau, Managing Director, Adult Trade Division, Simon & Schuster UK.

Nessa Urquhart, Waterstones Poetry Buyer, says: “It is exciting to see poetry in rude
health; spoken, published and – increasingly – shared online to new and existing audiences in reaction to our personal and shared experiences. It is thrilling to watch the recent reenergisation of our poetry sections, particularly given that poetry is an unrivalled medium for tackling our most emotional responses to the turbulent world on our doorstep. This year’s theme of Freedom couldn’t be more apt.”
The BBC is celebrating National Poetry Day across all its channels this year, as are Visit
England and Art UK and thousands of schools, libraries, pubs, bus routes, museums and
railway stations: the celebrations, on Thursday 28th September 2017.

Visit England is focussing its ‘Literary Heroes’ campaign on poets and poetry this
September, commissioning poets Andrew McMillan and Remi Graves to rework much loved classics for the 21st century. Andrew will transplant Wordsworth’s Daffodils to urban Manchester and Remi will use Blake’s London to explore Kings Cross. Films of their new poems will be released on National Poetry Day.

National Poetry Day is co-ordinated by Forward Arts Foundation and enjoys the support of the BBC, Arts Council England, the Royal Mail and leading literary and cultural organisations, alongside booksellers, publishers, libraries and schools. Last year the campaign’s reach exceeded 520 million: it was the #1 global trend topic on Twitter.


And that’s not all. 

Here is your invitation to get involved WANTED: Your Freedom Poems




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