Writing Opportunity for You!

Join this poetry project for OCTOBER.


© Glen Bowman

Do you enjoy using visual stimuli as a starting point or the whole point? Ekphrastic poetry/ writing may be your thing. 

This year I am organising a team of poets to join a project at Hanbury Hall. Annually the Droitwich Arts Network (DAN) work with the team at Hanbury Hall (National Trust) to offer local artists a space to exhibit and sell work in the Long Gallery.

In the past, poets have been invited to choose art to create a poem from. ‘Fragile Houses’ included two ekphrastic poems from this event in 2014. Other years have seen poets create videos, display poetry. The possibilities are endless.

Hanbury Hall 2014

Hanbury Hall Ekphrastic Poetry Project 2017 

– FREE entry to the grounds/the Long Gallery,

– a wonderful gallery of local artwork (in many mediums) to appreciate, 

– time and an inspiring venue to scribble notes/poems in, 

– freedom to choose a time/date that suits your schedule. 

Hanbury_Hall_2016By DeFacto - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0
© DeFacto  wikimedia

This is the first part of the project. There will be more information added once the ink has dried on the plan.

For now a generous invite to write, join us – there will be more including readings and possible displays.

Come, be inspired. 


What You Need to Do 

If you are happy to participate *and do not let the mention of reading put you off – it is not compulsory… drop me an email worcspl@gmail.com 

I will let you know how to gain access to project from 11th October.

  • Visit the Long Gallery anytime between Oct. 11th and 29th (an extra week to previous years). Pick an artwork/picture(s), scribble. 

  • Spend some time at home editing the ideas into a poem. 

  • Send finished poems to me at worcspl@gmail.com in the body of an email. 


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