The Return of Permission to Speak



Stourbridge PTS

I know it’s technically not Worcestershire… however, I am headlining – so it is a WPL gig. Beyond that I think Rob Francis deserves a mention for working hard to bring Permission to Speak back. It folded earlier this year due to loss of venue. So much work goes into running monthly events, many unseen hours. Safe spaces are important, places where you have permission to speak your mind, share ideals.  

Now PTS is back, same venue, new owners, different name. I am headlining tonight, there will be plenty of talent on the open mic. Come on down, it kicks off at 7:30 PM 

PTS is a mix of poetry, spoken word, music, storytelling and prose. All sorts.

alphabets-2365812_1920 (1)

Here’s to perseverance – one of the biggest tools in the Poet’s Toolkit! 

Permission to Speak (PTS) has helped give voice to many new poets and some of them are flying high less than a year later. All have increased in confidence and found support. The atmosphere is special. Give it a try, see/feel for yourself! 

Permission to Speak

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