Laureates at Lakefest

Thanks to Ruth Inglis a bunch of Laureates and local poets will be performing tomorrow at this year’s Lakefest.


1.15: A Load of Laureates – Compered by Charley Barnes with Nina Lewis, Chloe Clarke Suz Winspear, Maggie Doyle & Matt Windle

3.00: Poetry Brothel: Matt Windle, Joe Beau, Pete The Temp.

4.15: Speakeasy- Compered by Matt Windle with Maggie Doyle, Rick Sanders (Willis the Poet), Nina Lewis, Chloe Carke, Polly Stretton, Suz Winspear and Charley Barnes.

5.00: Poetry Slam

6.00: The Anti-Poet

As well as Poetry on Demand throughout the day. A fabulous line up and the forecast looks okay too.


  1. Hi Nina,
    I came in on Sunday afternoon after the acts had finished to say how much I enjoyed the Pen and Parchment tent and really support you doing it again next year. Our first time at Lakefest which we felt was a perfect Festival with something for everyone. Fabulous, I saw several acts in your tent who were all just great and told you how I especially enjoyed Pete The Temp who completely captivated me and wrote a beautiful poem in memory of my late son Luke. Something I will treasure always. Thank you for a truly memorable weekend see you next year.
    Kind regards Sue


    1. Sue,
      Great to hear you had such a good time. It was a festival first and a great success. All the poets thoroughly enjoyed the day too. Pete the Temp is amazing and worked so hard on his Poetry on Demand commissions. I am sorry to hear about your son Luke, but am glad you have a poem you can treasure and read as many times as you need/want to. Lakefest Festival is certainly a special one.
      We hope to come again!


      1. Hi Nina, every time I read Pete’s poem I find more in it, we had Gangsters Paradise played at Luke’s funeral 11 years ago, he was 24 and had a very troubled life and whenever I heard the song it I would be taken back there. Pete’s version lifted me so much and I could feel that he has a deep rooted sincerity in all he does and just from the first time of ever seeing him just knew that he could write me something beautiful and so personal. I’ve given copies to Luke’s brothers and have been sharing Pete and Lakefest with everyone. I think we’ll have quite a crowd coming up from east Sussex next year. in the meantime I hope that if anything goes on down this way especially Pete I can get along to see. Kind regards Sue


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